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Our Story

The pandemic has become the turning point where all this journey bega​n. homLiv existed when a pandemic hit the world. At that moment, our craftsmen who usually receive many orders of wooden batik craft suddenly stopped their production because there is no order at all.
One day, our founder contacted the craftmen and tell them to switch the production of wooden batik craft into wooden cooking utensils. This is because during the pandemic people prefer to cook and eat at home. So the need for cooking and baking utensils is increasing. That's when the craftmen started to get chances to survive. They're trying so hard to learn new things that are very different from their previous wooden batik work.
And here we are with all our efforts and struggles to finally produce our best products for all of you. And we will continue to innovate to create new products that are even better and better.

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To become a multinational company that acts as an intermediary for local MSMEs to market their products globally.


1. Equipping local SMEs in terms of quality and production capacity
2. Set up retail stores in every country to make us easier to reach overseas buyers


H : Honesty
A : Adaptable
T : Teamwork
I : Integrity

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